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Expect nothing but the best in Hip-Hop, Breaks, Funk, Trance, House, Jungle, and more...
*** Indicates day/night of performance
DJ Trails (Hip Hop Elements)
 ***Saturday Stage 1 from 5pm to 12am (B-girl, Poppin' and B-boy Crew Top 16 Battles)
Miami, FL
Aggressive. We had to do it - please help us welcome DJ Trails making his repeat performance in Atlanta after several years of hosting the B-Boy Pro Am Master Battles in Miami, FL! DJ TRAILS started his own promotion and event production company in South Florida in the mid 1990's. In 1998, he teamed up with Speedy Legs and became the acting president of Hip Hop Elements. Currently, Trails is considered one of the most premiere Disc Jockeys in the world for Bboy (Break dance Competitions) 
because he specializes in playing rare funk, jazz, soul, and old school hip. In the last few years, he has been traveling the world as the headlining DJ at most of the major dance contests. He has also played at many concerts along side headlining artists such as: OutKast, Black Eyed Peas, Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes, Redman, Slick Rick, Doug E. Fresh, Black Moon, Cocoa Bros., Afrika Bambaataa & Soul Sonic Force, Ice-T, etc.  www.hiphopelements.com

DJ Rasta Root (Smokin Needles)
***Friday Stage 2 from 12am to 2am

Atlanta, GA
Element. If you've seen Rasta Root behind the decks or  you picked up the latest Rasta Root LRG Mix, you understand why he's in the line-up for BREAKLANTA - True Hip-Hop!

DJ Fudge (5 Star Generals, Smokin Needles) 
***Friday Stage 1 from 8pm to 12am
Atlanta, GA
Veteran. No stranger to the wheels of steel, he's been making people dance for well over a decade! His collection of vinyl might be equivalent to the size of your local Wal-Mart. Fudge and Sky will throw down a wide array of instrumental hip hop beats for the MC Battle.

DJ Sky (Tastemaker DJs, Second Sight)
***Friday Stage 1 from 8pm to 12am
Atlanta, GA
Pure. Let his beats take you to another level of lyricism, laying down tracks for the MC Battle. His beats will make the true MC rise to the top. 

MC Dres The Beatnik (4 kings Entertainment) ***Friday
Atlanta, GA
Human Beatbox. The original style he brings to the table is unsurpassed. We bring back Dres the host of The "Beat-Roca" 30 MC Battle and the MIC Club of Atlanta! Guaranteed to keep the verbal battle a lyrical assault. 

MC Iron Chef (Drow Productions) ***Saturday
Atlanta, GA
Infinite. Infinite. Iron Chef has been there from the get-go. From the first Breaklanta to the next one-You can see the support and love he gives hip-hop as he does whatever he can to expose this way of life, by making music, promoting & hosting. As a hip-hop documentarist, he has an uncanny ability of recording and writing about the everyday experiences of this culture - through the means of spoken word, electronic music, and playing with his live band (Bruce Leroy). Welcome back your host, Iron Chef, live and direct from the crevices of Scarietta.

DJ Legacy (3 DOT, 5 Star Generals) ***Saturday Stage 2 from 9pm to 1am
Atlanta, GA
Mass Appeal. DJ Legacy is the Official DJ for the Sprite Liquid Mix Tour. Currently he is the show/tour DJ for two strong upcoming hip-hop groups- Atlanta’s own Jawz of Life and former Public Enemy member Professor Griff’s new vision, 7th Octave.  He also doubles as both an air personality and mixshow DJ on WRFG (89.3 FM) on Saturdays from 10PM-12AM . He also united with four other strong musical forces in the Atlanta metro area to help create the Five-Star Generals in 2002, who shift their eclectic hip-hop mixshow into third gear each Thursday on WREK (91.1 FM) from 9-11PM. www.visionkwest.com or www.djlegacy.com

DJ Rhythm (BTN) ***Saturday Stage 2 from 9pm to 1am
Atlanta, GA
Shock. Dj Rhythm will bring you back to life and hit you with every dope beat you've ever heard!

DJ MadFlip (3 DOT, Dream) ***Saturday Stage 1 from 12am to 2am
Pensacola, FL
Potent. Imagine you are dancin' non-stop for hours, enjoying the sounds, a few hours later you look up and realize why - Madflip mixin' up some serious Funky Florida Breaks. 

DJ Smiles (3 DOT, BASIC Family)
***Saturday Stage 1 from 3pm to 5pm (DJ Battle) / Stage 2 from 7pm to 9pm (B-boy Crew Preliminary Battles)
Atlanta, GA
Tablist. Bringing new skillz, Smiles is more than just a party mover, he's entertaining behind the decks with his fingers creating a truly unique mix!

DJ En-Chantd (5 Star Generals) ***Friday Stage 2 from 10pm to 12am and Saturday Stage 2 from 5pm to 7pm
Atlanta, GA
Flava. You can find this Five-Star General throwin' down a hip-hop mixshow into third gear each Thursday on WREK (91.1 FM) from 9-11PM.


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