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Information coming soon on all the Frequently Asked Questions regarding BREAKLANTA...  

This page will allow us to help you find answers to several of the typical questions we receive. The majority of information you can find on BREAKLANTA.com by checking out all of the links above!

Friday February 4th & 5th 2005 at The Atrium Stone Mountain, GA. On Sunday February 6th we invite everyone to come hang out at Malibu Grand Prix with the Judges, DJs, and Hosts, for free pizza, games, rides and more! If you want details on the specific hours of different battles click here.

Do I have to pay to battle?
We don't charge a registration fee to battle. You must pay an entrance fee to the event and that is all! This means you can participate in all battles for just one price. 

Can you send me flyers to promote?
We always appreciate your support and requests, please keep them coming! Click here to sign up as a member and indicate in the "comments" field that you want/need flyers to promote. In the meantime, you can always support the cause by posting on internet message boards, e-mailing your friends, and/or word of mouth! THANK YOU!!

Are video cameras allowed?
Presently, NO VIDEO CAMERAS AND NO DIGITAL CAMERAS are allowed of any kind due to their video recording capabilities. This will be strictly enforced. Please understand, we put a tremendous amount of time, money and energy in creating the BREAKLANTA DVDs. We are considering allowing video cameras in at a small fee in the future, but until that message is formally listed on the site or via e-mail to our members, please mind our rules. Video cameras will be confiscated along with the tape if found within the venue. The video camera will be returned at the entrance booth, but you will not get the tape back and you may be subject to no re-entry. Non-digital 35 MM still shot cameras will be allowed.

How old must you be to get in?
BREAKLANTA is an all ages event!  Anyone below the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times.  All the event battles should be completed prior to midnight for all ages to enjoy.  After midnight anyone below the age of 18 is requested to leave the venue unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Where can I get tickets?
Tickets will be available at the door until capacity is reached on the day of the event. However, we recommend you purchase tickets in advance for both days at a discount. For more details, please visit our "Tickets" page of the website.
No single day tickets are available pre-sale, they are only available the day of the event at the event.

Who is judging?
We often list our judges information, but this information is subject to change. Breaklanta 6 Judges have been posted on the "Home" page.

Where can my friends and I stay?
We have recommended a few convenient hotels in the area. Click here to see the listing.

When is the next BREAKLANTA?
Breaklanta was a semi-annual event held twice a year, but since Breaklanta 5 we have made it annual taking place only once a year. We do host other hip-hop events throughout the year and we recommend you sign up as a member by visiting the "3 DOT Productions" website.

When will the BREAKLANTA IV DVD be finished?
We are working on it! Our hope is to have it ready by BREAKLANTA 6, but we are working with 4 video camera angles and over 50 hours of footage! Click here to be notified of the release.

How can I get a copy of the BREAKLANTA Video/DVD?
The first ever DVD to capture Two-Days of Hip-Hop Element Battles in the USA!
Click here to order your BREAKLANTA'03 DVD!


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